Sunday, June 3, 2012

A couple Weeks ago we all came together within the amazing community that is CrossFit, in support for Kelvin Nivens. He is one of the original CrossFitters and simply one of the kindest humans I have the pleasure of knowing. Kelvin recently was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer and is fighting with all he has to get well. The local gyms came together at Central for a fund raiser in support of Kelvin, all proceeds went directly to HIM for hospital bills, treatment costs, etc. When I mentioned the fund raiser to all of you I was so impressed with how you all were so eager to help - even without never meeting Kelvin. Your willingness to support was very touching and made me VERY PROUD of all of you. I was the ONLY coach who had so many clients come to enjoy the day and gave of your money and time for somebody you didnt even know. I have said this many times but I am saying it again......I have the BEST clients and athletes EVER! So, thank you thank you THANK YOU for your support. Kelvin appreciates it immensely!!!
Its been a while since I updated our blog. I apologize for that guys! ALL have been killing it in CrossFit! Hitting HUGE Prs, and changing the way you eat. Its been a great month.