Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Color Run 2013 San Francisco....

Our Team, "Team Scorgasm" competed in our first Color Run at the beginning of March. Jeff, Gia, Corinne and myself made up the team of 4 and we had a BLAST!!! We all stayed in SF the night before and sort of went off our diets (whoops) and stayed up WAY TOO LATE the night before a race. After eating a great dinner, drinking some adult beverages and getting kicked out of the hotel hot tub for indecent exposure..(uh oh) we wound down and got some rest. Did I mention this race was all about bonding as clients/ coach and NOT about winning!?  So, that accomplished we woke to head to the venue by 10:00 Saturday morning. We got blasted with color at every mile and after inhaling powders ( this time every color but white) our crisp white clothes quickly became stained with vibrant color... hence, "the color run".

Definitely look into this race! It sells out quickly.....a sea of people attend and everybody is in great spirits and enjoying themselves. Being a crowded race means NO WAY will you get a quick time....but you will walk away feeling like you are closer to your friends and team mates.....which is the reason I'm in this business!!! to build community through exercise :)

Thanks Team Scorgasm (named by Jeff) for giving me a much needed fun weekend .....


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