Sunday, April 22, 2012


We had so many awesome things happen for us the past couple weeks. Here's a recap: Marian Crockett ran the Boston Marathon in the sweltering heat of 90 degrees! She finished in 3:38 and most importantly, she beat her local rival by more than 14 minutes!!! Way to go Marian!!! We all know how hard it is to run that distance LET ALONE in the heat and humidity!! We are all very proud of you!!! Mary and Matt Ryan welcomed sweet baby Maggie on April the 13th. Momma and baby are doing fine and Daddy is smiling ear to ear. The crazy thing is Mary was training CrossFit at 5am Thursday and did a tough long workout with zero problem. Little did we know that by Friday early afternoon her labor would start and by the end of the day she would be holding her CrossFit baby!!! I can't WAIT to meet her!!! Less important than the two I completed a 13 mile trail run that kicked my ASS last year! I not only finished the whole course, but felt great the whole way!! Yay CrossFit and trail running friends!! Here's a look at the PRs that you have been get out there and RUN or enjoy the day!!! Carlos PRd in a full clean lifting 185x2 reps, 165x12 reps He also PRd in a front squat getting 215 x 3 reps easily!! Michele PRd in a full clean lifting 85x3, 90x1, 63x12 reps She also Prd in a front squat getting 93x3 reps fairly easy too :) Bo Prd in his split jerk getting 150x1 rep, and 125x3 reps!! then turned around and got a bench press Pr 150x 5 reps!! He also had a amazing training week last week and I was throwing hard wods at him!! Way to go Bo!! Teresa Prd in her front squat getting 100x3 and then got a pr in her sumo deadlift 115x12 reps Tiffany got a pr in her front squat as well getting 100x3, and her sumo deadlift was 113x12 reps!! Teresa also got a PR in her shoulder press 3 rep at 70x3 We've been focusing on endurance workouts lately and they seem to have been paying off. I can throw a long workout at you all and you can just keep on going!!! This next cycle of training we will be hitting some strength and some testing. Getting max reps for body weight movements, as well as some timed events. I KNOW you all are excited about that and can't wait to see whats waiting for you when you walk through the gym doors. RACE UPDATES!!!! I have a few races that I would like to get a head count on if you are in. Saturday, May 12th is the CHICK CHASER 5k race. A LOT of fun and couples can enter!!The race starts at 3pm followed by a huge party in the park. May 20th Surfers Path Half Marathon, 10k, 5k RACE!!! This is the first year for this event and I think we ALL should go for it and support the host.

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