Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What did YOU do over the weekend???

I know you all work very hard in the gym during the week....and I know what MOST of you do during the weekend : it involves 2 wheels and running shoes. But if you aren't running in Nisene Marks, or barreling downhill on your mountain bike or riding like the wind on your road bike....what do you like to do?

Here's a great photo of Bo Janowski. He spends some weekend doing Search and Rescue Training. When somebody is lost out there, Bo is one of the great group of people that look high and low until you are found. This is a great pic of how muddy his training can get! Thanks for doing what you do to help others Bo....!!!

Some of you races the Santa Cruz Half Marathon on Sunday. Post to comments how you did!!

Also...I LAGGED at giving major kudos to Cari Martin!!! She finished a 50k recently in the crazy fast time of 5 hours plus some change!! I have NO idea how the heck you did that sooo fast! Must be CrossFit ;) I will post pictures of your races as son as you pass them to me.

I'm so blessed to have such an amazing group of people that push their limits every time they train and are just great people . Thank you all for making my life so full.

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