Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Whole 30 Challenge

Happy Almost NEW YEAR to you all! 2012 was a challenging year for some, myself included, and I can whole heartedly say I am excited to start 2013 off with a BANG! I am always talking to all my clients, friends and family about eating healthy and what that means. Most of you listen, some of you block me out and others ignore me completely. Either way I still am very passionate about food and it being the most powerful thing we consume. Megan brought it to my attention that she is starting the Whole 30 program at the first of the year. This is a program I have read about a year ago, and was lucky enough to meet the creator, Melissa and her husband Dallas at a CrossFit function. We share a similar story in that we BOTH used to be addicts turned health nuts. Her book, It Starts With Food, is on the New York Times best seller list and is chalk full of food facts that will change your life. Anyway, Megan told me she was going to start this program and I thought...HEY! I'll do it WITH you so your not alone in this. That quickly morphed into....Ill bring this to ALL my clients and see who wants to start the new year with a food cleanse. So far we have Megan, myself, Corinne, Cari who are in! check out order It Starts With Food book from Amazon.... I will be talking with each of you as I see you for training about this to see who is in. I will post on here from time to time regarding the Whole 30 as well. say GOOD BYE to the shitty sugar foods....and HELLO to feeling better, looking better and performing better!!!

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