Sunday, January 27, 2013

It Starts With Food - The Whole 30 Challenge

check the website out IMMEDIATELY. there are links to short cuts, grocery shopping guides, etc. I tried linking it here, but it wouldn't allow me to. Sorry. You can order the book here and print out lists and guides directly from the website I listed above.

okay lovers its almost that time.....February 1 is fast approaching. Time to read the basics of The Whole 30 Challenge, go to the grocery store - stock the kitchen with "good" foods, and throw out all the "bad" foods. Hopefully most of you have purchased Dallas & Melissa Hartwigs' book "It Starts With Food", read it (or at least most of it) and you are inspired to dedicate 30 days to pressing the restart button on your health. Main Rules: No processed foods. PERIOD. If it comes in a wrapper...don't eat it!! No dairy! milk, cheese, yogurt, half & half, etc. NO ALCOHOL!! No exceptions!! No starchy carbs (bread, pasta, baked goods, rice, etc) No grains (quinoa, rice, bulgar, etc) No Legumes (beans, cashews) EAT THESE>>>>>> Meat (organic grass fed when possible) vegetables galore!! fats (avocado, almonds, olive oil, coconut oil) nuts, seeds (sunflower, almonds, macademia nuts, etc) dont overcomplicate things!! ANIMAL PROTEIN+LOTS OF VEGETABLES+HIGH QUALITY FAT+ SEASONINGS = approved meal :) If you are a person who needs recipes, I recommend purchasing the book. Pages 260 on outlines the basics of how to prepare foods. is a great place to order and it comes to your door quickly. I will do my best to post pictures of what meals I come up with, you all can post here as well, or email me at and I will post what you send me. Pictures (step by step) ingredients and instructions please. Remember...THIS IS NOT HARD!! As Melissa says...."drinking your coffee black is. not. hard! beating cancer is. HARD. kicking heroin IS HARD!" Making healthy choices to better your whole LIFE is. not. hard! I will not baby you during these 30 days. You either make a decision for your OWN LIFE that will improve everything in your life.....or you don't. I will support you, cheer you on and experience these 30 days WITH you. but ultimately YOU are the one responsible for what you put in your mouth, right? You have a few days left to gather your information, buy your book, clean the kitchen of all the crap...go out and get drunk one last time, eat a whole pie I don't care....just be ready when Feb 1st rolls around to dedicate 30 days to the process and see what person is waiting for you after 30 days :) I KNOW you will LOVE the person waiting on the other side.... Here We GOOOOOO

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