Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 1 Conquered!!!

Hey Whole 30 team......hopefully you had a great eating day like I did and you are feeling excited about creating healthy choices and being in control of the food choices you make. I know some of you have bought the book, It Starts With Food, and have either read it cover to cover.....or are making yourself familiar with the rules for the next 30 days. Last weeks blog entry I directed you to the books website so you could poke around and download the cheat sheets, and short cuts for you to have on hand.

I have heard from some of you that there is some confusion as far as TIMES to eat. Please make it easy on yourself and not worry about sticking to times.  Eat a post workout "meal" 75 minutes to an hour before training (this doesnt count as a meal....) eat a post workout meal within an hour of your training. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try to stop eating a few hours before going to sleep for the night. Stay away from snacking if possible. Every meal you should eat enough that you are satisfied, but not full. Each meal should consist of lean meats, green vegetables, and healthy fats. Use sweet potatoes sparingly.....I recommend using them in your POST workout meal, as they help replace glycogen stores efficiently.

Stay away from sugar, dairy and gluten. Drink coffee black with cinnamon.....

YOU CAN DO THIS PEOPLE! I believe in you! I also understand that change is hard and starting something new takes at least ten days for it to become a HABIT! sooo.... trust in the process, okay?

I also have been asked quite a lot about what to have on hand in the pantry. Here are some products I highly suggest you purchase from Whole Foods and keep them on hand for the next 30 days. 

gluten free Siracha, coconut vinegar for making salad dressings and such, almond oil for salad dressing and grilled meats, and coconut aminos...treat like soy sauce. 

I made kale salad and made my own salad dressing out of these:

a little coconut vinegar, almond oil, crushed garlic, himalyan salt and papper to taste. Mix well then drizzle over the salad. YUMMY!

My dinner:

I sprayed the grill with coconut oil spray then added chicken that was marinated in coconut aminos and spices, boneless ribs marinated in garlic and aminos with ginger and spices. Grilled til nice and brown and cooked through.

I then baked a couple sweet potatoes (always make MORE THAN YOU NEED so you have left overs). I sliced the cooked sweet potatoes length wise and put a patt of coconut butter on top. I sliced up a few pieces of applewood organic no nitrate bacon and cooked til crispy - topped the potatoes with a little of those. Then I sliced up some colored peppers, onions and cooked through adding cilantro to taste. add the meat to the pl;ate and viola! DINNER IS SERVED!!!

What did you have to eat today? 

Post how Day 1 went for you to the comment section, or email me at and Ill post for all to read. 



  1. Nice job Shari!! I had a pretty successful first day. Although i'm not sure if butternut squash polenta was acceptable?! I couldn't resist. But, no honey in my morning tea, no alcohol...doing pretty good. Started off this morning with eggs/grilled chicken/veggies/hot sauce for breakfast. No sweets yet...and that's the hard part for me...along with no beer :(

  2. Hey Shari, the coconut milk with cinnamon in my coffee isn't half bad. I think I like it! I'll try the coconut aminos today with Super Bowl BBQ meat. I've had some but was unsure how to use it : ). So far so good beginning day three........