Sunday, March 25, 2012

Women In Pink on a Sunday.....

After all the rain we ended up having an absolutely beautiful day for the run. The weather was perfect - not a drop of rain - and the energy was so much fun! Thank you to all who were able to show up and run for fun and for dressing up in all your pink. Most ran for fun, or walked while supporting each other - I ran with most of you just having a blast the whole way. Breakfast after wards was a lot of fun and much laughs were had by all. I really appreciate all of you joining in on my idea to start doing races together as a team. The next race I will post shortly and see who is in. There is a mud run that everybody can do,....boys May, and some trail runs as well as bike/ run races. We all have a great time exercising out of the gym so doing it together instead of solo makes it even MORE fun!!

I am very proud of all of you today. Teresa and Megan prd on their 10k time. Gia ran her first 10k and never walked once! Tiffany kept running even with a bum knee....Lisa ran the whole 10k with a bum ankle (she hasn't even been able to put pressure on it for a week) and my lovely Sarah ran her first 5k. Oh, let's not forget Mary who walked the whole thing with little baby girl snug inside her belly.

I love all you guys and couldn't have asked for a more rich day with friends training and laughing hard!!

On to the next one.......

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