Thursday, March 8, 2012

Interval and Strength Week!!

Lots of catching up to do! Last week and this week there were LOTS of records broken, benchmark WODs attacked, and intense intervals sweated through. Some of you puked (sorry) but most of you pushed through the tough workouts and came out the other side feeling amazing! THATs what it is ALL about! Finding our strengths , recognizing our weaknesses and going after them so we grow and become better athletes AND humans. In life we should embrace that which scares us thus taking away it's power over our psyche ---- CrossFit should be approached the very same way. Knowing we are going to do an exercise that maybe we aren't so efficient at or a hard workout that get's our palms sweating even before the timer starts....that can be scarey and make us hesitant to dive in. BUT WE ALL DO IT ANY WAY! Don't we? We cheer for one another during the pain, the throwing of the weights and during our achievements. That's what I LOVE about CrossFit. About all of you. About MY LIFE!

I remember watching my women get their first rope climbs. Every one of them were nervous to be up so high. Scared that maybe, just maybe their strength wouldn't hold them on a rope that is moving around. "what if I FALL" would echo in their brains. But even with all that inner turmoil (I can read minds btw....I see what your thinking writen all over your faces) THEY APPROACH THE ROPE, CHALK UP THEIR HANDS, GRAB HOLD AND LITTLE BY LITTLE TRUST THEIR STRENGTH TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!! And lo and behold they get their rope climb. There I am looking up at one fucking strong ass woman who just conquered a task they told themselves they would NEVER be able to do because years ago in gym class they couldn't. Again --- need I remind you that I LOVE MY LIFE??!!

Read the above statement in bold one more time. Now transfer that to your life. To sticky situations that you may face. To something that seems soo HUGE there's NO FRIGGIN way you can climb it. I am here to remind you...YES!! YOU CAN!!!

(you can also substitute rope climb for anything. Pullup, box jump, deadlift, back squat, ANY THING THAT SCARES YOU THAT YOU HAVE DONE!! It fits and it means the same :)

Now get out there. Lace up your shoes. Chalk up your hands. Go inside yourself and see what you can do TODAY. Give it your all and trust in the process....or the workout...or ME. I KNOW you are going to do something incredible!!! I HAVE PROOF EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

Here's the weeks bad ass records and photos....

Carlos deadlifted 310# for 3 reps
Michelle dead lifted 115# for 3 reps
Carlos bench pressed 215 for 5 reps
Michele benched 65# for 5 reps
Michele also got her first KIPPING pullup!!!
The pair attacked FRAN for the first time ... Carlos did it in 4:14, Michele in 11:29!!!
Michelle clean and jerked 79# for 1 rep
Carlos clean and jerked 137 for 1 rep....

Jeff deadlifted 225# for 3 reps and had more to lift for next time :)
Stephanie dead lifted 125 for 3 reps.

Megan push pressed 108# for 1 rep
Teresa push pressed 93# for 1 rep
Megan deadlifted 170 # for 3 reps
Teresa dead lifted 143 for 3 reps
Gia dead lifted 133 for 3 reps

They all hit a HARD wod too and the pic of Gia proves it!

Erron got a dead stop muscle up! and then did a 1 rep clean at 165!
Lee hit a PR for the filty 50 at 23:07

Matt bench pressed 155 for 5 reps!!
Mary Ryan shoulder pressed 65 # for 5 reps (being very pregnate she prs!!)
Matt dead lifted 315 for 3 reps!!

Corinne bench pressed 62 for 5 reps!
and Push pressed 83# for 1 rep
Corinne jerked 88 for 1 rep
and deadlifted 125 for 1 rep!!!

Bo box squated 205 for 3 reps
Jerked 145 for 1 rep
power cleaned 145 for 1 rep
dead lifted 250 for 3 reps (with more in the tank)
and Box Squatted 185 for 5 reps

Cari is doing a 50 k race this weekend so send her your positive energy and protection on the trails. She's amazing and will no doubt murder that course!!!

Much love to you all my incredible peeps! See ya manana!!! fun times in the gym await us all....

I wonder what I can achieve tomorrow????

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