Saturday, March 17, 2012

More Records!!!!

This past week held a lot of strength records for you guys. You all continue to amaze me with how hard you push for yourselves and for ME --- as I try to encourage you through it all.'s what this week held:

Jen did a 12 rep dead lift at 140#
Buck did a 12 rep dead lift at 170#
Erron got 160 x 5 rep bench press
Lee got 170 x 5 rep bench press
Lee got 204# back squat x 4 reps
Lisa got 113# x 4 rep back squat
Erron got 185# x 4 reps back squat

Megan got 120 # box squat for 5 reps
Teresa got 105# box squats for 5 reps
Tiffany also got 105# box squat for 5 reps

Jeff got 185# dead lift for 5 reps
Stephanie did a 12 rep dead lift at 95#

Bo did a 1 rep shoulder press at 120#!!!
and then also got 300# 1 rep dead lift!! (he's been wanting to pull 300 off the ground for a while!)

Cari did 135# x 5 reps dead lift

Carlos lifted 220# box squat for 5 reps!!!
Michelle lifted 85# box squat for 5 reps!!
Carlos lifted 265# for 12 rep dead lift
Michelle lifted 93# for 12 rep dea lift

They also hit a hard workout and Michele lifted 63# for a hang power clean!! woo hoo!

Matt did a 5 rep box squat at 180#
Mary l lifted 80# for 5 rep box squat.

Matt also did that hard workout with 125# for a hang power clean. Heavier than the time before!! WOO HOO!!

Corinne did a 5 rep shoulder press at 56# and a 3 rep shoulder press at 58# HUGE records!!

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