Sunday, March 4, 2012

Coaches Corner...

Saturday was the first race in the series for me of the Troy's California Trail Challenges. I opted to do the Sandborn Trail in Saratoga as the first for me....a 9 mile out and back course with the first 4.5 miles being steep uphill and technical terrain. Carl Borg has been coaching me for the past couple months and had me doing a lot of hill repeats, mile hill time trials on the treadmill, etc. I also had the pleasure of running with Marian and Cari a few times in Nisene which I am positive helped me a ton for the race. Anyway race morning I was feeling pretty good even eagar to get going since Carl had me do nothing since Tuesday! Really 5 days of hardly nothing! That was driving me crazy to say the least! Wednesday he scheduled me to do a CrossFit workout, and tabata treadmill (20 sec on, 10 sec off x 8 rounds on the highest hill the treadmill could go and at a 8.5 mph speed.) thursday I was to do nothing but stretch. Friday I hit the tabata treadmill again, but at 7.5 mph same hill grade. Saturday morning my legs felt rested and ready to RUN!!!

The race started with a steep uphill winding into the mountain and up up up we went! It wasn't fast at ALL, but I ran the whole way!! (thanks Cari and Marian) and managed to hold my position of 3rd person. I never had anybody pass me and actually when the hill grade leveled off a little I would take off and enjoyed the quick pace of movement until the climbing started again. At the turn around point I realized I was actually doing pretty well since I was on my way back and nobody was near me off I went! This was the fun part right?....going fast as you can , almost out of control working your way down the mountain. So much fun! I actually was giggling outloud.

Anyway, I crossed the finish line FIRST PLACE!!! not bad huh? I wanted to make everybody happy and most of all I wanted to keep moving and not walk up the hills at all...which I did. Even if I wasn't fast I kept advancing.

Next race is Santa Teresa Park 13 mile trail run in April.....can't wait!!

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