Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Weeks Records...

Saturday Carlos and Michelle hit the workout HARD and got some PRs s well!

3 cleans on the minute for 5 minutes at 75%
2 cleans on the minute for 5 minutes at 85%
1 clean on the minute for 5 minutes at 90%

Carlos got to 203#!!!
Michelle got to 88#!!! nicely done guys!

Monday started at 5 am with Buck and Jen training at Maxim in Scotts Valley. Jen hit a PR on her bench press 5 rep for 107# and Buck lifted heavier for a 5 rep than he did since his shoulder surgery, which is awesome! 125# for 5 reps !!

Erron hit a PR in his 1 rep max jerk at 180#
Lisa hit a PR in her 1 rep max jerk at 100#
Teresa also had a great day hitting a PR in her bench press 5 rep at 90# and 94# for 4 reps!!

Tuesday started off right at 5am AGAIN with some PRs:

Matt did a 5 rep bench press at 155# his old was 145!!
Mary did a 5 rep shoulder press PR at 65#
Kathy did a 5 rep box squat at 90# (her old was 80)

Everybody is doing so great and getting stronger as well as breathing better in the endurance workouts I've been programing for you. I have been giving homework to Bo to ready him for his upcoming 50k and he's finding the time to hit it hard as well as make his sessions for CrossFit. Super stoked on him and his improvements he's making.

1 mile time trial ALL OUT EFFORT on 7% grade treadmill. rest 10 minutes, then 2 mile easy tempo run for time.

That's all the catching up for today - more tomorrow and more recipes as well :)

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