Friday, January 20, 2012

Crossfit Endurance Training Camp

Im in Laguna Hills preparing for day 1 of the CFE training camp. Looks like I'm going to receive quite an ass kicking is weekend courtesy of Brian MacKenzie and Doug . Today we start with a 5.5 mile trail run in Whiting Ranch, then to the gym for nutrition lecture and weight training. The day finishes with a CrossFit WOD. WHAT!? That's THREE workouts just today! I hope my legs hold up and I can take in everything as well as perform at my best.

Wish me luck!! I'll post pictures soon.......

PM---- Made it through the first day of training camp. Starting the day with a 6 mile TOUGH trail run with a bunch of fast ass kickers was the best way to start a day of training. I think I was smiling the whole way! After the trail run we headed to CrossFit NLP for nutrition lecture given by BMack. So much information ! Bmack is quite literally the best coach and incredibly knowledgable in training the endurance athlete-- so I took a lot of notes. Most I already knew, but there were a few new bits of info that I could definitely use for myself and you guys.

Then we hit the gym for some dead lifting, back squatting, and pullups. We focused on breaking down the butterfly PULLUP. Lindsay Smith and Jeremy were guest coaches and their ques were very I perfected my butterfly! We went into a WOD that was a lot of fun, then back to classroom time. We finished the day with 1 more WOD.

It was the best day!!! I'm looking forward to today and doing my best to soak in all the information on programming I can. My goal is to always learn and become a better coach for you guys so you can all kick serious ass in your sports!

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