Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You guys are KILLING IT!!!

I have quite a lot of catching up to post here - many of you have been totally murdering your workouts with strength and speed.
Mary Ryan who is currently almost ready to welcome her little one - did some split jerks today and they were pretty perfect!
Carlos got HIS FIRST MUSCLE UP! And his beautiful partner in crime got her FIRST ROPE CLIMB!!

Bo followed my out of the gym training and completed a gnarley workout : 4 minutes all out sprint (.55 miles), 5 min sprint (.65 miles) and 7 min sprint (.95 miles) - he covered a lot of ground for little time and Im proud of his efforts!

Monday was a great day for Jeff. He PRd in a HUGE way in his deadlift and got 205 for 5 reps, where his last recorded effort was 175!!!! WHAT A HUGE GAIN IN STRENGTH!! So proud of him as well!

Many of you remembered me throughout the weekend afyer this tough endurance WOD :

800meter run
100 double unders
50 wall ball
40 kettlebells
30 push press
20 pullups
10 power cleans
prowler push
run 200
prowler push
10 powr cleans
20 pullups
30 push press
40 kettle bells
50 wall balls
100 double unders
800 meter run

everybody did great and the point of this wod was endurance. Going for longer than 15 minutes and pushing hard the whole time. All of you succeeded and there were some great times to beat. Sunday I had the pleasure of doing a training run with Cari and Marian - Cari ran 20, while Marian and I opted for 14. We all ran to the top in Nisene - I have never ran up that incline and it wasn't easy - while it seemed like nothing to Cari and Marian! You girls are so strong and have amazing lung capacity up hills! I was impressed and cant wait to run long and hard with you again. Eveybody is welcome to take part in training the long runs so we can all log the miles before all of our races creep up on us. Bo, Kathy.....that means you guys too! We designated Sundays to get together and run. If you are interested in training together please mention it to me during the week so I can make sure you have a person who is the same pace and doing the same distance as you :)

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