Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Workouts....

I had a lot of animals in the gym today all doing slightly different workouts depending where in the months cycle they are at. Here are some of the PRs that took place today....

Matt did 20 rep back squat unbroken at 155# (old was 135)
Marian did 20 rep back squat unbroken at 93#
Mary did 20 rep back squat unbroken at 87# ---- she is 7 months pregnant and KICKING ASS !!!
Bo did 20 rep back squat unbroken at 155# (old was 135)
Kathy did 20 rep back squat unbroken at 87#

Cari did 5x5 box squat at 95#
Tiffany did 5x5 box squat at 87#

ALL of you pushed very hard for the following workout:

AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
8 DB push press
8 burpee lateral jumps
8 KB swings

There were great numbers ranging from 7 rounds to 9 rounds!

I know most of you are trying to balance training heavy at CrossFit and not being too sore to do your scheduled running. If you give me a email stating when your races are and what days are your important run/ride days - I will program around that so your legs stay fresh and not heavy. Bo and Kathy sent me their race schedule and run log so I can make sure I don't schedule heavy front squats a day before they have to run 13 miles on the trails. :) Point is - lets work together so CrossFit HELPS your sport instead of making you slower or too hurt to push hard. That being said - trust me when I say that lifting HEAVY is really important for each of you. Running a marathon takes leg strength. Its not the lungs that will give out, but the leg muscles will if not trained properly to carry you the distance or the terrain. Think about it - once your heart rate gets to the level where you "settle in" you pretty much stay there don't you? Unless you do Fartleks in the middle of a marathon you aren't likely to sprint during an endurance race but rather stay at a consistent beat. I experienced tired leg muscles a few times during my racing career while my lungs felt totally fine. I don't like that feeling! So what did I add? HEAVY BACK SQUATS, DEADLIFTS, and FRONT SQUATS. Know what??? My legs rarely tire now :)

Nuff said.....

Thought? I know I push all of you to lift heavier. Sometimes you decline, sometimes you trust me and do it. What are your concerns with lifting heavy and racing??

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