Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Personal Records

Today some of you did 5x5 box squats for your strength set.

Here's the end of the day results:

Gia T. 85# (old PR was 83)
Teresa 100# (old pr was 95)
Megan 115# (old pr was 95)

And some of you did a 20 rep back squat smack in the middle of 2 AMRAP workouts that were fast and HARD! Heres the results of that...

Ian 95# x 20 reps unbroken
Erron 135# x 20 reps unbroken
Lisa 95# x 20 reps unbroken

Carlos did "The Chief" at the rx weight of 135# for the first time and he smashed it! Maintaining 4 rounds at each 3 minutes of work.

Julia learned how to POSE run and how to "pick her feet up instead of slamming them down".... shes going to be a fantastic runner!

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