Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Endurance Arsonel...

I use Max Muscles MaxPro protein for my post workout shake. I gave my kale shake recipe earlier and this is the protein I use to make that delicious power packed snack.

I mix Max Muscles Glutamine, with a scoop of the BCAA powder to my water for drinking while training. If Im doing a long run (longer than an hour) Ill put a scoop of Cytomax in there as well. My coach Carl told me about the new Cytomax formula and I LOVE IT! Give it a try for your longer training scheduled runs.

I also take Advocare products and have been for aboiut 4 years now. I SWEAR by the three you see here. Catalyst, Thermo (fat burner) and the co2 Gold. I take the Thermo a couple times a day just to help with fat burning, the Catalyst gives me energy prior to training and throughout the day...the Co2 Gold I take prior to runs...

Last but not least the very important Fish oil and Calcium/Magnesium blend liquid supplements. I take fish oil every day just a Tablespoon 2x a day and the Calcium I actually bought for my son but I love the taste so I take it also :) Can't hurt since i don't drink milk or eat ANY dairy!!
Even if you are eating Paleo, or Zone or just Clean Eating - as an endurance athlete you require more than just the nutrients in the delicious foods you eat. Here are the tricks I have up my sleeve - my "little helpers" , my "teammates" that help me have the edge I need to train hard and recover fast.

What are the supplements that you take? And why?

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