Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Starting February Off With Some Personal Records!!!

As we approach spring and all the races and events each of us have planned - I am increasing your intensity, and programming a lot of strength into your sessions. I'm sure most of you have caught on to the madness by now....maybe it's how sore your bodies are when you pour yourself into bed or maybe it's the huge smile on your face after training and hitting a PR !! Either way I'm once again amazed by each of you reaching the bar that I set so high. I KNOW you can reach the little goals I have planned for you. So just trust me. It'll only hurt for a little while :)


Megan hit a big PR on her 5 rep Front Squat - doing 115# across for a 5x5. (her old 5x5 across was 100)
Gia had a PR doing 85# for a 5 rep front squat. (her old was 83)
Teresa also PRd on her 5 rep front squat hitting 85# (her old was 80)
Corinne PRd her 5 rep Front Squat at 80# (her old was 73#) She also KILLED her workout with such great breathing I was clapping and cheering for her the whole workout! It sure looks like Corinnes diet and nutrition is all in order because her strength has been increasing and now her cardio has increased as well. WAY TO GO !!! (also thanks for bringing me a delicious kale smoothie)


Marian Prd her 5 rep front squat hitting 95# (old was 85#)
Tiffany PRd her 5 rep Front Squat at 80# (her old was 75#)
Cari PRd her 5 rep Front Squat at 75# (we didn't have a recorded effort for her)

Motivated by your weights I also did 5 rep front squats and hit 137# for 5 reps.....felt like I had more so next time I'll go up!!!

I have been doing a linear type of programming for all of my runners starting with a 5x5 of each of the strength lifts and then adding weight each time we repeat that lift. We've done Shoulder Presses, Front Squats, Box Squats, and Deadlifts......
You WILL get stronger and with that will come speed and feeling stronger on the trails :)

I am hoping that each of you have been serious about dialing in your diets as well as getting enough rest every night. I know life gets busy and we can name at least 20 excuses every day for why we can't eat the right foods.....but if we're going to train at all, shouldn't we be reaching for the very best that we can be??? Giving your all for just that hour of training then not eating the right foods is counterproductive to say the least. Your body NEEDS the clean nutrition to repair muscles and fuel your next training session. Many of you are doing double days (CrossFit in the morning then running in the afternoon) or running lots of miles.....if you are not diligent about refueling every 3 hours with protein, good carbohydrates and healthy fats you will have a hard time recovering before the next training session. I have taught each of you how to eat clean and the foods you should be stocking up on, so I KNOW you know what to do. Starting is the hard part - but once you gain momentum it's the easiest thing to keep moving. The way you feel will fuel the fire to keep going!

Post to comments how you eat every day. What's the easiest foods? Any tips to share with eachother would be great....we are in this together.

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