Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday PRs

Thursday had a lot of PRs in store fr most of you. We started the day at 5 am with Matt and Mary KILLING it on Box Squats. Matt did 3 rep PR at 210#!! (old was 190) and Mary stayed with 10 reps at 95# to stay safe for little baby :). I can't believe how strong Mary is while being pregnate. Her pregnancy hasn't held her back from much at CrossFit. She lifts within reason, rows, climbs rope (until recently) and does some great workout. I am CONVINCED that keeping in motion while expecting is THE absolute best thing she can be doing for herself and for her baby. Not to mention she is in training for the toughest event of her life - which also is the happiest moment of her life. I am beyond proud of Mary and honored to be in charge of her training during this important time :)

Matt - you KILLED todays wod brother! You are gaining super strength and it's going to keep climbing up! Way to go!

Cari, Marian and Gia did an endurance WOD today:
800 meter run, 30 clean thrusters
800 meter run, 30 hang power cleans
800 meter run , 30 deadlifts
800 meter run....all with dumbells. They all finished under 25 minutes! Great lungs girls!!!

Carlos and Michelle attacked a barbell complex workout today with similar movements : clean thrusters, hpc, and jerks.
Most important MICHELLE GOT HER FIRST ROPE CLIMB TODAY!! Not only did she get 1----she got THREE!!! And all the way to the top too! I jumped up and down, hugged her and may of even spanked her on the butt in excitement while she headed out the door for her run. What a goof ball. Sometimes I think I get more excited than you guys do!!! :) YAY!!!!

Way to hit it hard today troop!! Super proud of my peeps!

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