Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gettin FILTHY on Saturday

Saturday I have a few clients that want to end their week of training and start their weekend off feeling good about enjoying a cheat day with their diets. Carlos and Michelle walked into the "Filthy 50" and hit it hard! Carlos never did the benchmark WOD before and finished in 27:11 doing the workout as Rxd. Michelle opted for the Dirty 30 (30 reps of each exercise instead of 50) for her first go at the chipper. She completed the wod in 13:30 -----which tells me that she could have definitely done the full reps. No worries next time for sure!!! They maintained great form throughout the burley workout, which is challenging given that you are doing 50 reps of numerous movements before moving on to the next one.

Corinne has been making HUGE gains in her ability to breathe and keep moving without taking breaks. We ALL remember how hard it was to not stop when eveything inside of us is saying "I can't breathe! I need rest!"--- she is getting comfortable being uncomfortable and this ability will take her very far in CrossFit. After all, pain is weakness leaving the body ----- :) Remember THAT the next time you see me writing on the whiteboard.

Corinne did 20 reps of each movement and next month she will do 30 of each, and soon 50 of each. She also moved incredibly well and GOT HER DOUBLE UNDERS!!!! She finished the long wod with 20 double unders---- what an accomplishment!

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