Friday, February 10, 2012

Man Eaters!!

Here's some more PRs from this week!


Bo hit a HUGE 1 rep shoulder press PR at 113# (old was 105) and followed it up with a gnarley workout:
10 unbroken deadlifts at 195#, 6 maneaters, 50 single jump rope x 3 rounds...11:33 he kept moving and really pushed those deadlifts! GREAT WORK :)

Jen did dynamic Effort bench pressing for 2 reps x 6 sets at 89# first, then hit the above WOD but with back squats instead of deadlifts at 120# finishing at 8:38. I was impressed and she set the bar high for me for when I would attack the workout later in the day - trying to keep up with her!

Megan hit a 2 rep shoulder press PR at 78# (old was 75)
Gia hit a 2 rep shoulder press PR at 68# (old was 63) then hit the above WOD but with deadlifts at 125# for Megan finishing at 10:39, and 95# for Gia finishing at 11:41. Both girls KILLED it and pushed through !


Kathy did a PR in her Jerk at 73# for 3 reps!!! Her old was 68....
Carlos and Michelle worked on their power clean skills (and did sooo great) Michelle did a wod with 63# while Carlos hit 115#.


Corinne killed her 1 rep shoulder press at 64# her old recorded effort being 53#...WOW!

Everybody did pressing and back squats for high reps this week as well as pushing some hard breathing WODs. You ALL are gaining strength and getting your breathing down. The rests in the middle of workouts are now minimal, and the weights are climbing! I know I am sneaky with what I add on your bars - but thanks for at least trusting me and attempting the weight that I want you to reach for. The gains are here and it is showing that you are all improving!!! We only have forward to progress. Remember that the next time you approach the barbell.

Have a great weekend you all deserve it! Enjoy the pics from this weeks hard work

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