Friday, February 3, 2012

This Weeks Work.....

Wednesday Bo worked on high rep back squats. He hit a PR at 185# for 10 reps! UNBROKEN! Thats up from his last recorded effort of 165 :) Great work BO!

On Friday Bo continued the week of savage workouts with heavy Full clean thrusters and skill building muscle ups. He learned the transition of the muscle up by using the bands like a swing and working the dive through the top of the rings and pressing out the dip. Great work!

Carlos and Michele also continued the gnarley week of training and worked High rep deadlifts on Thursday. Carlos did 12 reps unbroken at 245! ( his old was 225), and Michele hit a huge PR at 85# unbroken for 12 reps. (Her old was 75#) Way to go guys! They finished their strength section with a hard 8 minute AMRAP sprint partner WOD of max thrusters, walking lunges and burpees. You guys worked hard and were movng EVERY MINUTE of those 8 minutes!!!

Jeff hit a HUGE PR Friday n his shoulder pressing 5x5 ending at 80# for 5 reps unbroken, (his old recorded effort was 65# for 3 reps!!) And earlier in the week he hit a huge back squat PR for 135# unbroken for 10 reps!!! I can tell that he has been eating good - dialing the diet in. His breathing gets better, strength goes through the roof and fitness improves!!!

Matt hit a 10 rep deadlift PR at 5am on Thursday.....lifting 185# ( his old effort was 175#)
Marian hit a PR in her 10 rep unbroken deadlift as well....lifting a staggering 162#!!! Way to use those glutes girl!
Corinne PRd on her Box Squat 5x5 at 95# across. ( her old effort was 80#)!!!

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